About Us

About Digitrendz

Being a tech geek a lot of unquenched thirst for technology was inside me and I used to become impulsive to see the new gadgets and technology. Exploring this thirst decided to make it more in terms of benefits to others as well, given a wider platform to explore through software application.

I decided to keep it free from commercial biasness…that I am mean to. At a time when our straight, factual portraying is critical, it’s one of many things that set me apart.

Our Thoughts

Our approach is different from others when we are talking about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about differentiation, so we set our own agenda. With zeal of being trusted we want to establish our name in affiliate marketing.

We are passionate about driving organic growth for our clients to achieve their business goals. Keeping things in mind we are more inclined to investing in long term sustainability rather a short term success.


Soon after realizing the fact to explore through software applications, started to Digital Trade and make my hobby to write about gadgets and other applications. What I have done I wrote comprehensive and unbiased about the gadgets. These reviews helped readers to decision making in buying such gadgets.


We are keen to be honest and simple, it happens sometimes that a writer exaggerates the details of a product but we have a process in place to filter such mistakes. Our available content will provide you educated, entertained and sticking, very much required.


When you ask about the USPs, I will just say I’m honest, simple and comprehensive. I use the mix of data and artificial intelligence for massification across the user as well as merchants.